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Jurnal de Organizator de Evenimente – My Story with Universum

27 sep 2017

de Nicole Ungureanu, Business Developer Custom Events

“My story with Universum starts in fact a few years ago, to be precise in 2014 when I arrived in Bucharest for a short stay, after a 10-11 years period in Doha, Qatar. So first, let me tell a few words about my Doha adventures. So, bear with me for a while…

While in Doha, I was planning global conferences such as World Petroleum Congress, Coliseum (Sport venues of the world), Qatar Foundation’s events and many others… Not to brag but I had a great career experience, a great life experience full of “adventures” if I can so call them. I’ve met and interacted with a wide cultural diversity, I’ve met people that I’ve never dreamt I would of, such as Michio Kaku (seriously?!? You don’t know who he is? Oh, come on! Look it up) or having a chat with the president of Trinidad and Tobago about my political opinion on Qatar… who could have dreamt of that?!?

All these amazing people, yet so humble, they were so accessible and looked so normal in Qatar, not like they are in the rest of the world. There was no stiffness, no stuck-ups nor arrogant people there, everyone was respectful and humble. I learned that there’s no such thing as just one right way of getting things done. It’s just a matter of creativity and set of minds.
Now fast forward into the moment when I was checking the possibility of relocating to Bucharest in 2014 and I was surfing the market analyzing what event agencies are like, here. Made a research, checked all agencies out and so I came across Universum Events. I loved the fact that, there was an agency that does interesting events and I was amazed that we have such one in Romania. I checked their website a few times and I wrote to them that I’m interested in collaborating; again, and again, and again. I did that, for a few times during 2 years… (I so wanted to work with Universum!!!) Later on, (last year) I even got a reply! Was from the managing partner “Cristian Hossu” saying, that they are looking forward to collaborate but guess what?!? That wasn’t the right moment for me, since I wasn’t in Bucharest anymore at that time. Therefore, my chance to work with this awesome organization that I was following with high interest, went out the window…! Sad and disappointed, I started receiving offers in Europe and decided to relocate in France for another life adventure, which it was! Fun and yet boring I found myself in Aix-En-Provence having a hard time accommodating there and so I decided to move and apply for Australia or Netherlands. Had lots of interviews, yet none was what I’ve expected, when, out of the blue, I received a veeery beeery ? late reply to one of my mails sent to Universum the previous year or so ?))

The mail was sent at 6am, again, from “Sir” Cristian Hossu, apologizing for his late reply and the fact that he / Universum is so busy, given fact that he was still at the office at that time O.o.
Funny how life doesn’t let you go astray for too long, before it grabs you and pulls you back on the right track.

That moment when you think you know what you want but life knows it better!

Again packing my things and moving back to Bucharest was a huge challenge of adaptation but I was so excited to work in a great 60 people team and start a new chapter and new challenge of life!
Now, here I am, learning to challenge myself while challenging life in new adventures!

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