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Teambuilding: 10 Activities to Increase the Company’s Brand Awareness

05 Jun 2015

[cml_media_alt id='5229']22 Team building 10 Activities to Increase the Brand Awareness of the Company[/cml_media_alt]

To make your company’s brand something unique, employees are the key to this. A first step in this direction is the increase of brand awareness.

By getting involved in this process, your colleagues will get involved in the company, and this leads to the success of the company.
I have prepared a list of 10 teambuilding activities to increase the company’s brand awareness among your colleagues:

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1. Big Picture
It is a creative activity that brings to the fore cooperation, communication and interaction between team members through their involvement in the process of painting a large-scale artistic masterpiece. The image used at Big Picture can be inspired by the company’s brand, its values or products, or the theme of a conference.

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2. Brand National
A fun and creative teambuilding activity that challenges the participants to explore the difficulties of a brand by creating a national brand from scratch.
This activity is perfect for exploring a brand – from the logo to the behavior of each member of the organization.

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3. Commercial Break
The teams are challenged to create and produce an advertisement and what can be more challenging than an advertisement for your company? The teams will receive all the necessary equipment to create the ad, but the most important element is theirs: the creativity to create a clear message.

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4. Essence of Excellence
This activity challenges teams to take on the role of these alchemists, creating their own perfume. Essence of Excellence offers the perfect context to explore the company’s brand and values, to improve team communication and to better understand the client.

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5. Flat Out: Pyramids & Flat Out: On the Buses< /strong>
In the Flat Out activities, the teams receive the equipment, tools and details about the construction they are going to do: A huge pyramid or a bus. Each member of the team must have a role, from the design engineer to the designer. Once built, the pyramids can be decorated with company brand elements, and the buses can have company advertising elements.

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6. Haute Couture
Impress the international fashion scene with a sensational corporate collection! Give free rein to your imagination and create designs that will cause a sensation on the catwalk. Participants will be equipped with the necessary tools to create a memorable frenzy for the company’s brand.

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7. Making the News
The activity is perfect for the end of a teambuilding or a conference: create the first news page of the day!
The teams are trained on the essential sections that need to be completed to fill the first page and will handle all the necessary details. All this can be done through the company’s brand filter: the main article, getting the picture for a sensational news story, creating a creative advertisement and even drawing a caricature.

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8. Street Beat
The teams are challenged to create a company carnival, on the street, in just 90 minutes. Working in teams, participants will explore the art of music through instruments made from recycled materials: cups, pipes or anything else. Street Beat conveys a strong message of sustainability, practically demonstrating how impactful things can be created with limited resources.

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9. Creative Juices
A light, summer activity that turns the fruit from the orchard into a delicious challenge to create milkshakes or natural fruit juices that can represent your company’s brand.

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10. Corporate Body Building
A team building activity that values each participant, making them part of recreating the company’s logo or name.

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3 aspects to take into account in creating the culture of innovation

30 Mar 2015

Corning Company Inc. has created a series of videos entitled “A day Made of Glass” which has the role of inspiring employees to achieve results aligned with the company’s objectives.

It is well known that employees who have a personal connection with the job are much more involved. The question raised by Generation Y is: “How can your company and my job have an impact in the world?” By clearly communicating the purpose of the company.

The Toms Shoes company is guided by a simple idea: for every pair of shoes purchased, Toms donates a pair to an underprivileged child, and in this direction the company invites its employees to participate in periodic events that have this purpose. Toms employees are not only ambassadors of the brand, but more than that they are the brand in action, changed and inspired by the experience, they return to the office motivated and much more involved in the company’s activity.

2. Integrates the company’s brand into work processes
The highest enthusiasm of an employee is on the first day of work. Insight that the Zappos company noticed and turned into an experience, helping it to be known for a customer service company rather than for the online store of shoes and clothes.

From the first day, employees are exposed to customer service experience. In the first weeks, the employees go through all the departments, from the call center to the branding of the website and up to packaging and transport.

3. Communication
The innovation process depends on the engagement of employees. The best method to nurture their engagement is to keep them active in the loop of the process, whether email or an internal communication tool is used, they must be informed about the status of their idea.

Here are 4 key steps that must be communicated in the innovation process:
Receiving ideas – communicate to your colleagues the receipt of ideas and their status. Our recommendation is that each participant in the innovation process receive an answer regarding the receipt of ideas; it is important for them to know that their idea has not been lost digitally.
Feedback – even if an idea is rejected, this must be communicated. No feedback can be worse than rejecting an idea, as long as it is communicated properly;

As in any successful business, the culture of innovation must be continuously managed and kept up to date with market trends.

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