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TB or not TB?

05 Aug 2015

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Teambuilding activities have the power to inspire your participants to work better as a team to achieve a common goal.

If you haven’t organized a team building for your team this year, this autumn is suitable for this. Besides the fact that it is the last quarter of the year, and the participants will be more motivated to achieve their goals, but also because since the beginning of the year, in your company, a series of moments have happened that may have put the teams to the test .

Below are just some of the reasons why we encourage you to organize a team building for your team:

• Fun – a team building, first of all it brings positive energy and a lot of fun!

• Improves communication – adding to the fun part and the efficiency part in communication, your company can have a complete team building

• A Common Experience – there are studies that show that a common experience lived with friends or colleagues strengthens the relationships between them. It is exactly like when you go to a concert and meet new people, at the end you are no longer strangers, but at least you have a common experience.

• Promotes Interaction – teambuilding activities encourage interaction between people, overcoming the barriers imposed by the position held in the company.

• Change – if there are changes in your company, a team building can create the perfect framework to make the transition to them. Whether we are talking about increasing the team, merging with another company or changing the management team, team building is an excellent method to deal with change brilliantly.

• Celebrate together – maybe your company won an award, has an anniversary or any other occasion that can be celebrated with a unique team building.

So, this fall, freshmen and… happy participants are counted! Where else can this year’s success be celebrated with an exceptional Christmas Party !

Why… Teambuilding?

22 Jul 2015

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A team building activity is important because the success of your company starts with a team vision and culture.

In any organization, the first step in improving the teamwork culture is the creation of a bond based on trust between team members. Everything starts with effective communication and showing appreciation among colleagues, and here teambuilding plays an important role.

There are many examples of teams that are successful due to their efforts. Is your team one of them?
Many companies find that their employees who work in a collaborative harmony achieve their goals in a much more efficient way. The morale of the team is vital for the success of the company, a low morale must raise some question marks. Team building activities are crucial for maintaining a positive environment.

Conflicts can often appear within a team, especially if it is composed of different personalities. It is recommended to introduce periodic (monthly or quarterly) teambuilding activities within these teams. The best activities for mediating conflicts are those where the participants get to know each other on a personal level, for example: Creative Juices, Bridging the Divide or Speak Up, Speak Out.

Trust is definitely a crucial element and even more so as teamwork is necessary to achieve the objectives. The development of mutual trust between team members takes the team to a higher level in terms of productivity and efficiency. Here are some examples of activities for developing team trust: Trust or Bust, CSI or Survival.

A suitable team building activity can help improve communication within a team. The group of participants will be divided into teams and they will have a problem to solve, the activity can be either competitive or collaborative. Working together to find ideas is a communication exercise that will push participants to work together to achieve a common goal. In the debriefing session, the conclusions can be translated into everyday life with the problems encountered and the results obtained. In our activity portfolio you can find activities with a strong communication component, but if you want an activity with an artistic twist, you can choose Big Picture< /a>, for non-verbal communication – Mini Olympics or an alternative communication, on musical notes Orchestrate.

Teambuilding activities have an immediate effect for the team if they are periodic activities. Organizing a team building once a year brings results, but in the long term, and the productivity of the team is affected.
Make sure that you have included team building activities in the annual strategy. These must be relevant for the company’s business model and for the entire team. We recommend that you plan everything with a task-force team for smooth implementation, otherwise you risk not having a structure and a clear message.

Whether you are thinking of organizing a teambuilding summer, for a large group, with digital twist or by CSR, the UNIVERSUM team is ready to offer an experience that will not be forgotten!