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9 Team Building Activities for the Summer

30 Mar 2015

12. 9 summer tb ideas

With the change of season, outdoor team building activities are also welcome. From May to October, most companies choose to change the pace of work with unique team building activities.

We come with a proposal of 9 team building activities suitable for this summer and which are ready to meet the requirements and business objectives of your company:


1. Flat Out: Afloat
An excellent summer challenge in which each team builds its own two-person boat with the aim of winning the water race that concludes this energetic activity.


2. Flat Out: Chariot Challenge
A “land-based” alternative to Flat Out: Afloat, this activity helps participants step into the role of the ancient Romans and see which of their Roman chariots is the fastest and most resistant along the route.


3. Two Tribes
Organized in the form of an alternative Olympic Games, Two Tribes represents a celebration of the cultural diversity of the indigenous tribes around the world. This activity is, besides an extraordinary physical challenge, also an extraordinary way to get to know exotic cultures and peoples.


4. Creative Juices
For rainy days, this activity brings the freshness of summer into the gym, by using fruit from the orchard in a delicious challenge to create milkshakes or natural fruit juices.


5. Record Breakers
An outdoor semi-athletic competition that challenges the teams to solve certain tests. Communication in the team is the essential element. In the end, whoever holds the absolute record will be rewarded for their performance.


6. Tree-Mend-Us
A suitable program for those who want their event to have social responsibility goals, this highly interactive activity will challenge the team to rejuvenate and heal a forest plot.


7. Go Team
The good weather outside is a sufficient excuse for a “city break”. And what better way to get to know a city and its inhabitants than Go Team – your digital guide to a day full of urban fun!


8. Survival!
Challenge your team to an intense wilderness survival experience. Guided by experts in the field, the team will have to find resources to survive in luxurious conditions, to complete the entire challenge, which may be spiced up with a military mission.


9. Rags to Riches
A challenge that combines artistic skills with the idea of CSR, this activity challenges the participants to create a work of art of exaggerated dimensions, using only items of clothing, or other textile material, donated by the participants.

A team building activity can come with real leadership lessons learned in the wild or collegial relationships strengthened through a lot of energy.
How does your company propose to explore corporate events this summer?

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11 Motivational Videos We Like

24 Feb 2015

9. 11 Motivational Videos That We Like

We all like to be inspired, we always find reasons: whether it’s the beginning of the week, it’s a busy day, you have a harder session or you simply need a boost of inspiration, a motivational video is a great method.
There are thousands of motivational videos in the videosphere, but we have chosen 11 of them that we like the most:

1. The Best Motivation Video
There is no person who has not gone through failure, this is part of success. Failure is an integral part of great success.

2. Nobody Tells This To Beginners
Lessons about creativity lived and learned from experience, because no one tells these things to beginners.

3. Serena Williams winning speech (Final) – Australian Open 2015
If you want to do something really impactful or become someone big, you just have to not give up!

4. There Will Be Haters
An eccentric method of motivation: There will be haters

5. Protect your Dreams
Do you really want something? Get it!

6. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
3 valuable lessons learned from Steve Jobs.

7. Why Do We Fall
“The pain is temporary. It can last 1 minute, an hour, a day or maybe even a year. Eventually it will disappear, and something else will take its place. If you quit it will be forever.”

8. The Definition Of A Champion
“At some point, you decide to face your fears and you might lose. This is ok. But, in my opinion, the real failure is to avoid confrontation.”

9. Be Fearless
Let’s be fearless, let’s demonstrate to all those who hinder us, that we can!

10. Where Good Ideas Come From
Where do the best ideas come from? 🙂

11. Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday – “Inch By Inch”.
“In this team we fight for every inch! In this team we die fighting!”

If you like the list proposed by us and have other suggestions for motivational videos, we welcome you in the comments section.
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Personalized employee engagement programs: Tips&Tricks for 2015

11 Feb 2015

8. Personalized employee engagement programs - Trends and Advice for 2015

The challenges raised in HR are happening at an astonishing speed, whether we are talking about the sunset of pension plans, a quality management talent or the preservation of human resources in companies.

Companies have responded positively to these challenges, that is why they are creating more and more opportunities for employees, appropriate rewards and frameworks conducive to a work-life balance.

A wave of challenges is coming dictated by demographic and cultural changes, new technologies and start-up culture. Here are some things to consider for 2015 as an anticipatory strategy for these challenges:

    In recent years, it has been noticed that Generation Y has begun to take over a large part of the labor market. Studies predict that by 2030 this hyper-connected generation will dominate approximately 75% of the labor market, which leads to the conclusion that Generation Y will change the course of employee involvement in companies. Companies’ strategies will adapt to the needs of this generation, knowing that they want to make their mark in everything they do – the “9 – 17” program is becoming more and more irrelevant for them, they want to be involved in as many projects and to make direct contact with clients, they prefer coaching sessions instead of feedback sessions or they want to receive rewards for each step taken in their professional development. (
    Read more about Generation Y)
    In 2015, we want “out-of-the-box” thinking to come out of the typical cubicals that sit under the fluorescent light of the room. It is known that a place lacking inspiration leads to the detachment of employees.
    A catchy and engaging space will cause employees to get more involved in the company’s activity. Depending on the organizational culture, it offers employees the freedom to stay as far as possible from the cubicles, the possibility to decorate the work space as they like – for example, with pictures from within the company and from internal events or pictures painted by them themselves in teambuilding events.
    The sky really is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect environment for employees!
    Creating a balance between work and the personal life of employees is what is wanted in 2015. Today, companies have more possibilities to offer employees the necessary framework to work anyway and from anywhere – whether we are talking about a Hub, a terrace or a the cafe. Technological evolution offers the possibility for employees to work from home as well, this leading to maximum productivity and contribution as far as they are concerned.
    The involvement of employees also depends on the transparency of the information coming from the management. Whether we are talking about objectives, strategies and desired changes in the company, the employees must be made aware of them, where else do you stand if you involve them in setting the respective objectives? The result will be fantastic! 🙂
    The company Buffer has passed to the next level from this point of view, the one in which salaries and the calculation method are made public for employees, investments and internal emails sent between two people will have a specific list in “cc”.
    What do they have in common: Casual Friday, birthdays, Hawaiian Thursday or “Sharing (food) is caring” days? All this brings fun and a “boom” of positive energy in the office.
    Choose to celebrate the launch of a product, involvement in CSR activities in the community, a welcome party for a new employee or the conclusion of a big project, all of these break the monotony of the office and provide relaxation among the employees.

Transparency increases trust, and trust is the foundation for incredible teamwork. Employees want to know what the company’s long-term goals are and how they can contribute, practically they want to know what the impact of their work is. They must be given the necessary trust because their involvement in the company’s plan could bring the next success.

Just as the purchase decision does not start and end in the store, the employees’ decision to get involved in the job is not limited to the workplace.

We like to learn from:


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Event management: trends in 2015

27 Jan 2015

7. Event management - trends 2015

If in 2014 the events industry brought improvements in terms of faster registration, the quality of content delivered in events or a “simple-is-beautiful” type of marketing, this year everything becomes more captivating: better planning, creativity in attracting and participant involvement and industry-wide innovation.
For the foundation of creativity, we looked at some of the most credible sources for monitoring the events market in the world. We share with you our conclusions about what will be hot in 2015:

    The events industry has evolved so much that an event does not mean only 2-3 days of engagement of the participants, but we are talking about a community of people with an affinity for a certain topic. In 2015, we want to create a cycle of experiences offered to participants that starts long before the event and does not stop immediately after the event.
    It is not strange that the mobile phone has become part of our lifestyle. In 2015, the applications designed to satisfy the needs of the participants and to offer an integrated experience in the event will bring an impressive ROI.
    Studies show that only 60% of participants download the event application, and 10% use it. The challenge raised by the network is: how exactly can the digital engagement rate of the event participants be increased?
    In 2015, the emphasis will increasingly fall on end-to-end solutions. These allow the organizers a comprehensive management – from concept and ideation, to creative declination on absolutely all media up to the use of a platform for registration and communication with event participants and the insertion of the latest interactive digital technologies.
    In the case of large-scale events, the amount of data obtained from the registration system and feedback questionnaires is large. If in the past the information was collected and analyzed after the event, today the respective data can be analyzed on the spot. The technology brings to the fore behavioral analyzes of the participants, the observation of a behavioral pattern and feedback.

In addition, a trend that has become the rule in the industry is the transition of the event organizer from the simple status of a service provider to a creative partner that offers innovative programs and experiences to participants.

Therefore, 2015 comes with stability and clarity in what started in 2014 and adaptability to the needs of the participants. However, let’s not forget that there is no riskier strategy than doing today the same thing we did yesterday.

We like to learn from:
Carlsonwagonlit .com

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Microsoft Summit 2014: What innovation in technology means

28 Nov 2014

6. MS Summit - What innovation in technology means

The second edition of the Microsoft Summit event took place between November 12-13, 2014, in an exclusive location, Willbrook Platinum Business & Convention Center. Being the largest technology conference organized by Microsoft in Romania, this edition brought together over 1500 people from the C-level area, IT professionals and developers.

The agenda of the event allowed each participant to take over all the know-how in the field, considering the 3 tracks developed during the two days: Business Manager, IT Professional and Developer.

Considering the fact that business rules are constantly changing, the role of the 3 tracks was to guide each professional to participate in the sessions focused on the field in which they are active, at the same time having the opportunity to accumulate insights to Microsoft representatives and other speakers with a solid background in the field.

Also, the Microsoft representatives oriented their presentations around Microsoft technologies, so that the audience becomes aware of the impact they have in the current business environment.

Therefore, the event was an experience full of challenges and professional satisfaction. The feeling of safety and professionalism demonstrated by each member of the team, led us to realize how important it is that every time the whole team has the same goal, more precisely the successful conclusion of an event characterized by the spirit of uniqueness and professionalism .

Another important aspect consists in the high level of networking during the two days of the event, which proved to us once again that the IT market in Romania is a market with potential and in continuous development. A significant contribution in this regard was made by the MyConnector application, which represented an effective means of communication and according to the latest trends. The interest of the participants regarding the topics related to this niche was also manifested during the sessions, which is why they turned into a constructive dialogue between the professionals who wanted to take over all the know-how and the speakers willing to provide feedback as much as possible. concrete.

I noticed the professionals’ passion for Microsoft technologies right from the time of informing them about the quality of the event, and the surprises did not take long to appear. Thus, the sessions ended by offering prizes to the most active participants, who were delighted with the way the event went.

What have we learned? “You will have a thing when you believe in it”, Wayne Dyer

What did they learn? It’s simple. When it comes to the future, regardless of the industry in which someone works, the one who later adopts the new trends, goes out of business. A solid plan, built for the future for the company, gives it performance and longevity.

In conclusion, the passion for organizing events left its mark in the case of this large-scale conference, a fact that makes us happy to continue in the same formula.


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Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014

28 Nov 2014

5. Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014

On November 8, Hope Ball 2014 took place, the National Military Circle was surrounded by a superb atmosphere and “seasoned” with elegance and generosity.

The hosts of the event, Amalia Enache and Cristian Leonte, managed to create the atmosphere suitable for the theme of the event, and this could be seen through the participants of the event who offered the support that Hope & Homes for Children Romania.

Cristian Leonte: “I believe in the power of selfless help and I have all the respect for the work of Hope and Homes for Children Romania. I am honored to be part of the gala that will celebrate wonderful people and their generous projects” (source).

Amalia Enache: “I will have the greatest satisfaction when we will no longer play with fire with the destinies of abandoned children, too many in Romania – one every 6 hours – and the rest of us will not be left behind either facing their fate. Those who come to the gala, those who will bid on the fabulous prizes, are among those who know how to melt any ice with the fire of generosity, the most constructive fire that I know” (source).

5. Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014_2

The sum of 68,000 Euros was collected with the help of the public auction that took place, but also through donations and sponsorships. From objects that belonged to great Romanian athletes or international stars, trips with the national rugby team to the World Cup, a brunch with Nadia Comaneci, a tennis match with Ilie Nastase or 4 seats at the Romania-Ireland football match in the company of Hagi, there are only a few of the lots that could be auctioned at Hope Ball 2014.

Thanks to Hope & Homes for Children Romania enjoyed an excellent evening, with excellent people, an elegant decor and a creative agenda, all for charity.


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HR Manager magazine: 5 technologies for the Upgrade of events in the company

27 Oct 2014

It often happens that we talk to clients who tell us: “We have been running this event for 12 years, we have done everything that could be done, we don’t know where to squeeze the next WOW idea from. Everything has turned into a mandatory, boring meeting, speech after speech, where employees come only because they have to and leave with nothing”.

In an environment where pressure on budgets means that every expense is carefully evaluated, there is a natural expectation that budgets for company events are all the more invested in high-energy concepts that keep employees engaged from morning to night, which it delivers the key messages and, more than that, helps to assume and internalize them. Now, we all know that digital will rewrite all the business models we know – we live, don’t we, in a world permanently connected to the Internet, in a world where Social Media has entered every aspect of our lives . The key question is “how can we use all these advantages, such as constant connectivity, real-time responses and gamification elements, to reinvent company events?”

The answer is one that could lead to whole hours of discussion, but because at Universum we are concerned with this very topic, we tried to describe some solutions that are already on the market and that can be implemented right from the start starting tomorrow.

GO Team treasurehunt application
It is an application for phones and tablets, based on GPS technology, which allows real-time interactivity anywhere in the world. It is suitable for outdoor teambuilding and conference animation. Capable of supporting any number of teams, GoTeam incorporates mini missions, which are activated as the team reaches the correct GPS coordinates. The statistics in real time, the possibility to communicate remotely with the facilitators and the rest of the teams are just some of the lovable features of the application. The missions can be thought of in a collaborative or, on the contrary, competitive philosophy, and the time pressure and the feeling of adrenaline will upgrade the classic version of treasure hunt.

The company logo made up of all the pictures of the employees
Excellent for the message – “Each of us is part of a unified whole”. The implementation is done as follows: a photo studio is placed in the central area of the event, the employees come and pose throughout the day (as they feel like and inspired), and at the end of the conference, with the help of a special software, an animated video is generated which goes through all the pictures, zooms out and generates the company logo from all the participants’ pictures.

Video mapping, movies, Prezi and Google Glass
There are two premises from which we start:

1) 80% of the speakers we see at events are not the best public speakers. They get on stage because they are very good at what they do, but that does not necessarily qualify them as good presenters.

2) the days when a PPT presentation was enough are over.

The dynamism and interactivity of presentations can have an explosive growth when a bunch of technologies are used (and I’m telling you this from experience). For example, Prezi ( is an alternative tool for building presentations, not at all complicated. And Google Glass has applications that can help you project notes directly on the lens. Then there are the video materials – today the accessibility of video processing solutions is fantastic and a film full of energy and emotion can be built, relatively easily, in 3-4 days. Video mapping is the last level, where practically every element of the event space becomes a living component of it. Each column, each table, the ceiling or the walls can become a support for a cramp from the story of the event.

Social Media Live Wall
In short, it is a way to aggregate and project all the Social Media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) related to the event in order to encourage the participants as much as possible to get involved in the conversations and debates. If we also add to the event a gamification mechanism to train the participants, fun and involvement will come naturally.

The technology exists, it’s just up to our creativity how to integrate it into the events we organize!

Article originally appeared in Hr Manager Magazine.

4. 5 ways to energize a conference_2


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Charity Event: “Hope Ball 2014”

23 Oct 2014

On 8 November Hope & Homes for Children Romania and Universum Events invite you to “Hope Ball”, starting at 19.00 at Cercul Militar National.

Ever since 1999, the Hope Foundation & Homes for Children Romania aims to deinstitutionalize all homes for children with special needs, by 2020, and place them in their own homes or in families. With external help but also by its own forces, Hope & Homes for Children Romania managed to establish two homes of its own and bring smiles to children’s faces.

This fall’s event welcomes us with the theme of “Fire & Ice” which aims to gather in the same place 150 people who will support the same cause. The mystery that will envelop the entire evening will be supported by artistic moments supported by artists and a confrontation between fire and ice, which raises the question “Who will win?”.

Olga Kurylenko, invites you to support and participate in “Hope Ball 2014”:

The hosts digitally invite you to join the Charity Gala “Hope Ball 2014”:


Join this event and support the Hope & Homes for Children Romania:


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