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Invest in Happiness: Solutions for a WOW Culture

15 Sep 2015

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Motivation can be a long-term process and it can even be difficult when motivation is perceived differently by each individual. There was a time when the main motivating factor was remuneration, but those times have passed, especially for Generation Y.

A WOW organizational culture is the predominant factor in employee motivation. In this sense, the focus is on everyone’s thinking and personality.

In the recruitment process, make sure that there are questions related to the type of environment in which the new colleagues will come. It is recommended that the candidate’s profile be created based on company values.

In recent years, the remuneration is not put first, but the working environment, the teams and the interaction between the employees. Create initiative-type opportunities (even based on volunteering) that give your colleagues the opportunity to develop long-term relationships.

Often, show your colleagues appreciation for the effort made and the results achieved. You can do this by creating internal Rewards programs & Recognition, Gala Awards within a Conference or even within Company Day.

One of the main trends of 2015 represents the balance between work and personal life. We mention in the article “Personalized employee engagement programs: Tips & ;Tricks for 2015” as “today, companies have more possibilities to offer employees the necessary framework to work anyway and from anywhere – whether we are talking about a Hub, a terrace or a cafe. Technological evolution offers the possibility for employees to work from home as well, this leading to maximum productivity and contribution as far as they are concerned.”

It encourages the creation of friendships between colleagues, they not only bring lifelong relationships but also moral support. If there are conflicts within the organization, we recommend a series of teambuilding activities.

The success of the company depends a lot on the performance of your colleagues. If there isn’t a culture and an environment that lends itself to their personality, success will be harder to achieve.

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Personalized employee engagement programs: Tips&Tricks for 2015

11 Feb 2015

8. Personalized employee engagement programs - Trends and Advice for 2015

The challenges raised in HR are happening at an astonishing speed, whether we are talking about the sunset of pension plans, a quality management talent or the preservation of human resources in companies.

Companies have responded positively to these challenges, that is why they are creating more and more opportunities for employees, appropriate rewards and frameworks conducive to a work-life balance.

A wave of challenges is coming dictated by demographic and cultural changes, new technologies and start-up culture. Here are some things to consider for 2015 as an anticipatory strategy for these challenges:

    In recent years, it has been noticed that Generation Y has begun to take over a large part of the labor market. Studies predict that by 2030 this hyper-connected generation will dominate approximately 75% of the labor market, which leads to the conclusion that Generation Y will change the course of employee involvement in companies. Companies’ strategies will adapt to the needs of this generation, knowing that they want to make their mark in everything they do – the “9 – 17” program is becoming more and more irrelevant for them, they want to be involved in as many projects and to make direct contact with clients, they prefer coaching sessions instead of feedback sessions or they want to receive rewards for each step taken in their professional development. (
    Read more about Generation Y)
    In 2015, we want “out-of-the-box” thinking to come out of the typical cubicals that sit under the fluorescent light of the room. It is known that a place lacking inspiration leads to the detachment of employees.
    A catchy and engaging space will cause employees to get more involved in the company’s activity. Depending on the organizational culture, it offers employees the freedom to stay as far as possible from the cubicles, the possibility to decorate the work space as they like – for example, with pictures from within the company and from internal events or pictures painted by them themselves in teambuilding events.
    The sky really is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect environment for employees!
    Creating a balance between work and the personal life of employees is what is wanted in 2015. Today, companies have more possibilities to offer employees the necessary framework to work anyway and from anywhere – whether we are talking about a Hub, a terrace or a the cafe. Technological evolution offers the possibility for employees to work from home as well, this leading to maximum productivity and contribution as far as they are concerned.
    The involvement of employees also depends on the transparency of the information coming from the management. Whether we are talking about objectives, strategies and desired changes in the company, the employees must be made aware of them, where else do you stand if you involve them in setting the respective objectives? The result will be fantastic! 🙂
    The company Buffer has passed to the next level from this point of view, the one in which salaries and the calculation method are made public for employees, investments and internal emails sent between two people will have a specific list in “cc”.
    What do they have in common: Casual Friday, birthdays, Hawaiian Thursday or “Sharing (food) is caring” days? All this brings fun and a “boom” of positive energy in the office.
    Choose to celebrate the launch of a product, involvement in CSR activities in the community, a welcome party for a new employee or the conclusion of a big project, all of these break the monotony of the office and provide relaxation among the employees.

Transparency increases trust, and trust is the foundation for incredible teamwork. Employees want to know what the company’s long-term goals are and how they can contribute, practically they want to know what the impact of their work is. They must be given the necessary trust because their involvement in the company’s plan could bring the next success.

Just as the purchase decision does not start and end in the store, the employees’ decision to get involved in the job is not limited to the workplace.

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