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Invest in Happiness: Solutions for a WOW Culture

15 Sep 2015

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Motivation can be a long-term process and it can even be difficult when motivation is perceived differently by each individual. There was a time when the main motivating factor was remuneration, but those times have passed, especially for Generation Y.

A WOW organizational culture is the predominant factor in employee motivation. In this sense, the focus is on everyone’s thinking and personality.

In the recruitment process, make sure that there are questions related to the type of environment in which the new colleagues will come. It is recommended that the candidate’s profile be created based on company values.

In recent years, the remuneration is not put first, but the working environment, the teams and the interaction between the employees. Create initiative-type opportunities (even based on volunteering) that give your colleagues the opportunity to develop long-term relationships.

Often, show your colleagues appreciation for the effort made and the results achieved. You can do this by creating internal Rewards programs & Recognition, Gala Awards within a Conference or even within Company Day.

One of the main trends of 2015 represents the balance between work and personal life. We mention in the article “Personalized employee engagement programs: Tips & ;Tricks for 2015” as “today, companies have more possibilities to offer employees the necessary framework to work anyway and from anywhere – whether we are talking about a Hub, a terrace or a cafe. Technological evolution offers the possibility for employees to work from home as well, this leading to maximum productivity and contribution as far as they are concerned.”

It encourages the creation of friendships between colleagues, they not only bring lifelong relationships but also moral support. If there are conflicts within the organization, we recommend a series of teambuilding activities.

The success of the company depends a lot on the performance of your colleagues. If there isn’t a culture and an environment that lends itself to their personality, success will be harder to achieve.

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5 Reasons to Organize Company Day

24 Jun 2015

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Company Day overcomes the barriers of a fun day spent with colleagues and reaches a level where it brings benefits for self-knowledge, bonding with the team and understanding the company. Whether it’s a 600-person event or a 70-person event, it can have a significant impact on your colleagues.

The 10 years of experience in organizing corporate events have shown us that trends are returning and companies are investing more and more in the well-being of employees and in the creation of interpersonal relationships.
Company Day is a perfect way to create a unique experience for your colleagues, the possibility of creating a bond between them.

Company Day helps the Morale of your Colleagues
Over the course of a year, some walls end up being erected between the people in the departments. Company Day can “tear down” these walls, whether we are talking about the closeness between colleagues or the elimination of some barriers between hierarchical levels.

Company Day is a good opportunity to show appreciation
Nothing is more welcome than appreciation for a job well done. We all know that the economy is not going through the best period, that’s why Company Day is a very good opportunity to share the appreciation of your colleagues for their involvement and efforts.

Company Day but also Family Day
The impact brought by families on the professional life of your colleagues is great. Therefore, organizing your Company Day and inviting the families of your colleagues is a sign of appreciation and understanding for them. Think of all the children who will realize how attractive the place where mom and dad work is.

Company Day strengthens Teamwork
It is a very good opportunity to surprise your colleagues with light teambuilding activities: Mini Olympics, Flat Out or Big Picture are only some activities that can strengthen the relations between departments. Imagine a senile race, timed with smiles and applause at the end. Isn’t that how you can visualize all that energy? 😀

Company Day also brings personal rewards
Company Day also brings a personal reward. This day may be the only day of the year when you can see hundreds of smiles that could not have happened without the help of your company.

So, if you still haven’t planned anything for this year’s Company Day, think about the benefits that I have presented to you. Invest in smiles (and lots of sun cream)! 😀

Do you want to organize the Company Day? Gather the team, we come with the ideas! –>