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5 TED Talks that every HR Manager must see

25 Jan 2016

In UNIVERSUM we often talk about TEDTalks, whether we meet for a coffee on the terrace, before the meeting or simply send each other an email with #inspiratiedelauniversum.

We searched, consulted and built a list of 5 TEDTalks that every HR Manager should see.

PERFORMANCE: Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

Daniel Pink, the author of the book “Drive” delights us with his TED Talk about performance, about how it tends to be financially rewarded but… there are much more effective methods.

In this TED Talk, Dan explores employee motivation and takes it to a dimension where financial reward has a negative connotation in performance. This is applicable especially in the case of creative tasks. He discovered that performance is brought about by the following three things: autonomy, knowledge and a clear goal.

WORKING REMOTELY: Jason Fried – Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

What makes a leader truly great? Simon Sinek says that a truly great leader is someone who provides security to employees, draws them into a sky of trust. Creating such an environment, based on trust and safety, means assuming a great responsibility.

One of the strongest arguments brought by him is that only employees who know that the manager is with them are capable of great performances. Companies that do not invest in creating truly great leaders turn into unreliable companies.

TALENT MANAGEMENT – Steve Jobs: How To Live Before You Die:

How does the following idea sound to you: take a step back and let the employees manage themselves? Does it seem risky?

Even if it is not a normal TEDTalk, with direct references to Human Resource Management, it remains a TED with a strong impact in any field. In order to manage a company, any manager must identify with the employees. Sometimes, it is so easy to immerse yourself in the business objectives, that is why it is important to pay enough attention to the employees’ objectives and to understand that the job is not – nor should it be – their life.

At the end of the day, your colleagues are people, with families, lives of their own, dreams and hopes. If you give them the necessary framework and the possibility that they pay attention to them, they will be happy. A happy person leads to high productivity. High productivity leads to the fulfillment of business objectives.

These TED Talks are worth every minute spent listening to them. They are perfect doses of inspiration for any HR person, whether you are in charge of the department, deal with recruitment processes or human resources development.

11 Motivational Videos We Like

24 Feb 2015

9. 11 Motivational Videos That We Like

We all like to be inspired, we always find reasons: whether it’s the beginning of the week, it’s a busy day, you have a harder session or you simply need a boost of inspiration, a motivational video is a great method.
There are thousands of motivational videos in the videosphere, but we have chosen 11 of them that we like the most:

1. The Best Motivation Video
There is no person who has not gone through failure, this is part of success. Failure is an integral part of great success.

2. Nobody Tells This To Beginners
Lessons about creativity lived and learned from experience, because no one tells these things to beginners.

3. Serena Williams winning speech (Final) – Australian Open 2015
If you want to do something really impactful or become someone big, you just have to not give up!

4. There Will Be Haters
An eccentric method of motivation: There will be haters

5. Protect your Dreams
Do you really want something? Get it!

6. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
3 valuable lessons learned from Steve Jobs.

7. Why Do We Fall
“The pain is temporary. It can last 1 minute, an hour, a day or maybe even a year. Eventually it will disappear, and something else will take its place. If you quit it will be forever.”

8. The Definition Of A Champion
“At some point, you decide to face your fears and you might lose. This is ok. But, in my opinion, the real failure is to avoid confrontation.”

9. Be Fearless
Let’s be fearless, let’s demonstrate to all those who hinder us, that we can!

10. Where Good Ideas Come From
Where do the best ideas come from? 🙂

11. Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday – “Inch By Inch”.
“In this team we fight for every inch! In this team we die fighting!”

If you like the list proposed by us and have other suggestions for motivational videos, we welcome you in the comments section.
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