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5 Benefits of CSR in Organizations

15 Apr 2015

[cml_media_alt id ='4582']14. Benefits of CSR for organizations[/cml_media_alt]

Social responsibility brings benefits both for the company and for the society in which it operates. Organizations have started to look at these CSR activities beyond the barriers and take the internal processes to areas beneficial to the organizations.

Besides a stronger reputation, high employee retention rate, their motivation, a very good relationship with public organizations, CSR brings the following 5 impactful benefits for organizations:

The culture of innovation in companies is a debated topic, but innovation in the context of social responsibility brings a huge benefit to both organizations and society. For example, the Unilever company using the “lens of sustainability” (lens of sustainability) as described by Geoff McDonald – Unilever Global VP for HR, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability, managed to innovate new products: a hair conditioner that uses less the water.

The non-involvement of employees within the company is a very big disadvantage. The Sara Lee Company created cross-functional work teams globally to create a strategy for sustainability, and the Solo Cup Company created a “Sustainability Action Network” to guide employees to get involved in community CSR activities.

The best example for this benefit is the Walmart company which created an advertising campaign with the role of raising awareness about the environment and people’s choices in terms of purchased products. The message being sent is a positive one, the communication between the client and the organization is much easier.

The first step in getting involved in sustainability is the simple mindset of cost reduction. Whether we are talking about the reduced use of packaging or energy, these collective cost cuts bring highly visible results.

If in the past CSR was a simple method to differentiate yourself as a brand, now things have become more complicated. For example, the Coca Cola vs. Pepsi is one of the longest rivalries, they want to get the biggest market share. Both Coca Cola and Pepsi adopt similar but at the same time different CSR strategies: both companies have strategies for reduced water use or use sustainable packaging.

Indeed, the effort put into a CSR activity is great and the results are seen in the long term, but it certainly directs the economy to a favorable area.

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