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Top 5 new online team building concepts

26 Apr 2021

Today we present the top 5 new Virtual Team Building concepts we have recently added to our portfolio, all designed to bring a smile to you and your team.

We know that a happy, united team brings the best results for your company. The British researchers don’t say so, but we know for sure that understanding between team members increases productivity.

And how else can you create strong bonds between your employees than with a memorable Team Buildin! And as the current period is not the friendliest for offline meetings, we propose an online get-together.

1. Swipe Face

Fastand fun, SwipeFace is the perfect tool to kick off virtual gatherings no matter their size. Make the funniestselfieselfies with your colleagues based on uniquethemeschosen by facilitators, youget togetherand the most creativewill win!

2.Go Explore

Explore locations around the world as a team that are currently less accessible for physical visits (the Louvre or even Bran Castle). All this will unfold in an energizing adventure that involves a virtual tour with cryptic and fun challenges. All just a click away.

3.CSI Office Home

If your colleagues include fans of investigative films and series, then CSI Office Home is the right concept for you. Solve the most interesting mysteries with your team and earn the title of the most active detective team online.

4.Escape the Blizzard

While we’re leaving winter behind us for good, this concept invites you and your team to travel in the wild, in the wilderness, on the blizzard! Together you’ll find ways to survive, and the challenges will prepare you for real-life situations and more team synergy!

5.E- choir

Discover the most exciting musical activity you can have with your peers. No, we’re not talking about karaoke, we’re talking about making a group song, guided by professionals (with the help of the God of Editing, of course). Whose voice will you recognise, whatever the song?

Team activities can be really fun and engaging in a digital environment, so let’s explore your colleagues’ needs together and work out your unique story! Which new added concept fits your team?

Let’s throw back

04 Mar 2021

For about a year now, challenges and changes have been coming at a rapid pace in our work. The transition of events from offline to online has not been easy, but with perseverance we have not left the event concept on stand-by.We have tried to use all existing resources to produce new services related to the new needs of customers arising from the pandemic.

We wanted to make online experiences as engaging as possible for our employees, so that their needs are met even in turbulent times. How did we do it?

The first step was to team test the applications over a period of approximately three months, during which time we went in parallel with open demos to customers. We technically tested platforms already on the market, such as zoom, google meet or webex, but we also developed new software platforms. The online activities for events were also chosen in detail, some adapted from the past, others built from scratch. All this was the result of long online discussions with partners, customers and suppliers who were in agreement with us. Communication has been the guiding principle we’ve been working on during this period, aiming to remain authentic and open, even in the less easy moments we’ve encountered. The close connection with all our clients has made it easier for us to integrate effective solutions according to their needs, in order to deliver complete and useful experiences.

As I said, 2020 was a year of solutions. Thus, the following new stories emerged in the Universum team:

MyConnector is a platform, which helps everyone by transferring the experience of an event from offline to online without the need to be physically present in a location. This is a unique service in Romania, which can hold both internal and large B2B & B2C events. is a safe and healthy way to order food, based on fresh ingredients and tasty dishes, at a great cost and with free delivery. Most companies have adopted the concept of work from home, with coming as a time-saving solution, delivered in the safest conditions.

Virtualized is the first virtual expo-conference in Romania, composed of a series of online events, based on themes already encountered at Bucharest Tech Week and GoTech World. The events address in real time the challenges faced by business professionals, offering quick and efficient solutions.

Event Park is the first outdoor space for events held in maximum safety. Lagoo Snagov’s more than 6 hectares can host movie nights, outdoor concerts and social events. Thus, we have tried to come up with a safe option to spend time outside the house, respecting all the conditions imposed by the authorities, the concept of work-life balance being very important for personal balance.

Virtual & Hybrid Events 

The world of events has changed 180 degrees, and 2020 has allowed us to rekindle our creativity in virtual and hybrid events. Whether you need a B2B event, B2C, party, conference or activities that can truly reconnect teams, the attendee experience is just as important to us. We’ve designed relevant events with our clients, and 2020 brought us great experiences from the 85 events we’ve delivered.


One year after the activities moved online, we celebrate the unconditional love for events and their integration into our lives in the context of social distancing, as a safety measure for each individual. It has been a year full of new and unique situations that we have overcome through perseverance, patience and solutions, with the needs of our clients at the forefront of our minds.


Are remote team activities a real alternative to offline ones?

18 Jun 2020

In the last few months, the world has turned into a giant innovation laboratory, and has set out on an adventure to find ways to continue to function despite global pandemics and social distancing.

And of course, the most obvious way has been to pump up the digital world, in our case virtual events and remote team activities, and make it easier to sell them.

But the question is, do these activities live up to expectations? Or are they weaker alternatives to the real-life ones? Well, I’ll let you, the reader, decide!

So, how does a virtual team activity take place?

For this example I will use my favourite activity – Heroes of Troy. An engaging, mythological story with good lessons for teams that is fresh out of the digitization oven.

Heroes of Troy

As with any successful event, matching the audience, its objectives and the proposed programme is of utmost importance. Clarifying the objective of the event with someone in the organisation, as well as sending out an invitation to pique the participants’ curiosity, are the first steps that should not be overlooked for an online event. What’s extra compared to a normal live event is that you need to make sure everyone is comfortable with the platform used for the meeting, whether it’s Zoom, MS Teams or a fully customizable one like MyConnector.

For groups looking to get immersed in a rich storytelling experience, see how the team operates in a virtual environment, and then talk about it, Heroes of Troy is a unique option.

On the day of the event, after welcoming participants, we ask them to find a super team name and choose their favorite mythological god in a brief team huddle in their virtual room. Sharing this information with others then sets the mood and breaks the ice.

To create interaction and set the right expectations, our goal is to deliver a clear brief and a great challenge for teams. In Heroes of Troy, the team’s mission is to guide Paris and Hellen safely from Sparta to Troy as they overcome numerous obstacles and recruit the largest army. Strategy, communication and teamwork are more than necessary to complete the mission successfully. On top of that, teams also receive an information pack with possible roles, details of the journey, a map and access to the webpage where they set and control their chosen path.

Teams are on their own, but the facilitator’s role is to guide the participants so that they can have an enjoyable journey. This involves clarifying possible technical issues, but also asking the right questions if teams get stuck on the way. This guidance can be subtle or consistent depending on the objectives discussed at the beginning and the circumstances of that team.

Eroii din Troia

Groups working together, in most cases, are included in our activities because this leads to easier communication and increases the involvement of each participant.

After the activity is over and the teams have reached their destination, it is always interesting to reflect on the journey. Teams start with similar resources, but very often achieve different results. The debrief at the end of the activity is the perfect place to look at the team’s progress, discover the key element of their success and sediment the learnings. In addition, it is also the perfect place to celebrate successes and give prizes, however simple they may be, from a box of chocolates to a themed souvenir.

In conclusion, it is a joy to see the reactions of the participants to such activities, although they are remote, words like “I didn’t even notice how time passed.” and “I felt the challenge was just like in real life” never stops appearing.

Of course, nothing can replace an activity done in real life, but this type of activity is simply different, in the same way that virtual work does not replace real life work , it just comes with something extra, is another dimension or extension of it, a necessity due to distance, globalization, costs, or just a simple choice to access a greater number of talents.

So this is how a remote activity happens in theory. Does that sound tempting to you? Our advice is to try it personally, either in an open demo – click here – or with your team.

ZOOM vs Microsoft Teams vs MyConnector Rooms – which is the best option?

09 Jun 2020

A few months ago, some employees knew about Microsoft Teams and were using it, but not many had heard of Zoom and MyConnector Rooms didn’t even exist. Now almost everyone uses at least one of these 3 if not more such platforms like WebEx, Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, Blue Jeans and the list goes on.

So what’s the best option? The answer of course depends on several important aspects.

First, what does your audience use most? It helps a lot to build on a platform that your potential attendees are already familiar with, which generally leads to a successful start to any session.

Company policy and/or the IT department have something important to say here. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference or organizational habits and preferences, based on the perceived value of the platform being used.

Second, what are the must-have features for your meeting or event? Do you need a lot of interactivity? Do you need the platform to be as secure as possible? Do you need flexibility?

To give a more concrete example, for an event with the team, for us, what matters are the following aspects:

  • Invitations to be easily sent to participants and to be able to track the status of registrations;
  • The platform must be intuitive for participants;
  • Presenting the brief in a compelling way, using pictures, video or audio;
  • Ability to communicate with the audience and the audience with the moderator to clarify possible questions;
  • Split people into different rooms or groups where they can communicate.

We have to take into account that Zoom is a platform specialized in video conferences, but Microsoft Teams and MyConnector< /a> are more than that. This means that Zoom may be better at certain aspects of a video conference, but the other platforms do more than that. For example, through Microsoft Teams you can organize a digital workflow and through MyConnector an event of any type, online or offline, being a platform that offers solutions complete event management.

Here’s a quick comparison:


So? Which one is best for you? As I mentioned at the beginning, the tool that your audience is most familiar with and that covers all of your functionality needs is the best option.

But finally, if MyConnector is the best option for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Team Building Go Team – Back to the office

21 May 2020

Preparations for the return to the office begin in the coming period and we are looking to reconnect with our teams. And since outdoor outings or a dinner at a restaurant are not exactly possible, we propose another option, the one we prefer the most, creative activities team!

A very appropriate concept with which we come to meet you, at this important moment for all members of your team, is Go Team – Back to the office!

This concept allows you all not only to respect the recommended physical distance but to be able to do this in a unique way that involves all of you in the action, either individually or in teams.< /span>

And to make a thematic challenge out of this meeting, we propose to gamify the entire experience of returning to the office, by knowing the elements that will help us to continue our activity as before but also to stay safe .

Team Building Go Team

How does this concept work?

Each of you will have to solve different challenges that will make you < span style="color: #3f3f3f;">creativity, challenge your teamwork skills and put your mind to the contribution to find the best solutions.

Some examples of challenges you can do are as follows:

  • In your transit to the office, count those people who are equipped with a protective mask;
  • Identifies where disinfectant dispensers are located in your building;
  • Boost the morale of colleagues with a smile, it shows even under the mask! Demonstrate in a selfie;
  • Invent a new way to greet your colleagues! Film yourself to remember more easily.

The GO Team platform can be customized for any type of theme and need and is suitable for groups from 2 to 1,000+ participants. In addition, just as customizable are the challenges which can range from taking a simple picture or a funny video to interact safely with others or even with the environment.

We like to keep things simple for participants, so one of the prettiest layouts< /span> to this activity is the fact that to get involved you need only a phone, so that you can enjoy of the experience as easily as possible.

We invite you to < b>get in touch to create a memorable experience for your team too!

4 Activities you can do with your team online

01 Apr 2020

We stay at home and do well, because it is one of the best things we can do in the given situation.

Technology helps us a lot during this period, and teams can stay together and perform, perhaps, better than in the office. But, after a certain time we start to feel more than ever the need to get out of the house, to laugh with colleagues during breaks or to have a creative framework for generating ideas.

So here are the 4 team activities that we propose to cover the needs of your company during this period:


team building online meditainment

The period we are going through can create anxiety and stress for your team. We are overwhelmed by information that can affect us emotionally.

Through Meditainment we offer you a few moments of respite, together with your team. Everything happens from home, from your oasis of peace. Together with the team, you can close your eyes, relax and strengthen. This way you can all experience an amazing meditation session.

Go Remote

Team Building Online GO TEAM< /a>

It is a versatile tool for sharing quality content, gathering information and stimulating creative thinking. Go Remote is part of the Go Team platform.

This platform allows us to adapt to your company’s needs by gamifying experiences. It promises well-being and immediate results! Because it is what we need at this time, a disconnection and a (re)connection.

We suggest you take 20 minutes and interact with yourself differently. Your house and the various objects at your disposal are the playground. To make all this happen, you provide your creativity and your phone, and we take care of the rest.

Whether we’re talking about creating perspective pictures, a video in which you are the star or launching a challenge to a colleague, everything is designed to give you a restart and a bust of energy for the rest of the day.

Lip Dub

Many of us probably miss beer outings with colleagues, karaoke nights or parties, where we were surrounded by good vibes, music and energy. That’s why Lip Dub in its new, virtual version can cover some of these needs through creativity, dance, improvisation and out-of-the-box thinking.

How about recreating, with your team, the classic “I want to break free” video? Everything from scratch, through synchronization and lip dubbing.

Making the News

team building online making the news

Since Ancient Rome, the Acta Diurna, which was “published” in metal and stone, began to “control the world”. In this activity, your team can design a newspaper that will be printed in the future.

We think the planet thanks us for the respite we give by staying indoors. Did you know that the water in Venice is so clean that dolphins swim in it?

We challenge your team to imagine and create positive themes. What will the future look like? What good things does this pandemic bring? What will the stars “say” in the week of the newspaper launch? Upcoming sports news or projects of interest.

So here are just a few ideas that Universum has for your remote team, we have many more!

Write to us if you want one of these activities or if you want a personalized activity that you can carry out digitally with your team.

And most importantly, take care of yourself and stay home. – Your healthy and economical subscription!

21 Mar 2020

During the period when the measures adopted by the authorities recommend us not to leave our homes, we do once again what we know best, we look for new solutions and reorient ourselves. Last week we launched the Virtual Events platform, which allows organizing almost any type of event directly in the online environment, and today we are launching! is the first economic subscription for food delivered under maximum safety conditions in Romania, dedicated to those who work from home or are in self-isolation at home during this period and to those who want to offer help to their loved ones over 60 or people in risk categories.


We have taken all necessary precautions to avoid contamination with any kind of viruses and bacteria:

  1. All staff will be properly equipped to avoid any potential food contamination and every person involved in production and distribution will be checked every three hours for symptoms of COVID-19;
  2. Buffer spaces were built between the kitchen and the delivery station, from where all the dishes will go to the customers. And to strengthen the precautionary measures, in the kitchen the floor and work surfaces will be disinfected once every three hours;
  3. The preparations will have a validity of 72 hours and will be hermetically sealed and specially packaged to avoid contamination;
  4. Menus will be picked up by our delivery team for whom we will ensure they have disposable protective equipment throughout the distribution process;
  5. And to avoid any human interaction, upon arrival, the customer is contacted and the special box will be left at the door.

WHAT TYPES OF MENUS DO YOU HAVE? offers three categories of menus, all of which include two main meals, one for lunch (two dishes, plus salad) and the other for dinner (one main dish, plus dessert):

  • Standard Menu – 45 lei per day – 225 lei / 5 days
  • Vegetarian menu – 45 lei per day – 225 lei / 5 days
  • Immunity Plus menu – 55 lei per day – 275 lei / 5 days


To order a subscription for yourself or a loved one in difficulty due to the virus, please visit our website ->

Here you will find more details about all the menus but also about the whole process of disinfection, cooking and delivery.

Orders for the following week can be picked up until Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

VIRTUAL EVENTS – Organize any type of event, online!

13 Mar 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted authorities to take measures that they have destabilized the events industry and beyond. This destabilization is felt in personal life, but also on a professional level, where we all regroup to look for the best solutions.

In the context of the imposed measures, UNIVERSUM presents VIRTUAL EVENTS, platform developed by the MyConnector division which involves transferring the experience of an event from offline to online, without the need for physical presence in a location.

virtual events universum

VIRTUAL EVENTS supports the organizers, being a solution suitable for every type of event, from large exhibitions and conferences to seminars or workshops with a small number of participants.

The tool created by UNIVERSUM is an online platform that brings together all the characters involved in an event: participants, exhibitors, speakers and organizers:

  • Participants can register and access all event details< span style="font-weight: 400;">, can communicate and interact in real time with each other, with the speakers during the sessions but also with the exhibitors.
  • Exhibiting companies in turn can present their services and products online< span style="font-weight: 400;">, interacting with visitors directly from the browser and can qualify each lead according to their own criteria.
  • Speakers can present all their presentations online and can interact with the audience through live polls and Q&As.
  • Organizers can send visitors real-time communications and organize various surveys.

You can see the complete presentation of the platform by accessing the following link ->

The platform is ready!

If this type of solution is suitable for your company’s current needs, we look forward to your message so we can help you as soon as possible.

Contact us by accessing the following link ->

And in conclusion, we wish you to keep your optimism in the face of all these current challenges.


8 Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day

08 Mar 2020

Every year, March 8th is an occasion to appreciate femininity in all its forms. We value every woman in our life – girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter or sister.

Over the years, they have shown us how great they are and what wonderful things they can leave behind. Take the example of Marie Skłodowska Curie who changed the world not once but twice. She founded the new science of radioactivity – even the word was coined by her – and her discoveries launched effective cures for cancer; or Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, J.K. Rowling, Mother Teresa, Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Michele Obama and the list goes on. They are strong women. They are female heroes. They are female role models.

Given how much time we spend at work, our colleagues become an important part of our lives. So, let’s dedicate this day to them as they deserve.

You can start with a healthy brunch and a team building activity that can be relaxing, creative and engaging.

Yes, your colleagues are great and deserve recognition. Here are 8 ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day in your company:

1. The Infinite Loop

Team Building Infinite Loop

Technology and Entertainment.

The Infinite Loop relies on real-time collaboration and communication to generate effective solutions during gameplay. The more accurate the player in the virtual world is in describing the problem, the faster teammates in the real world find the solution. The concept is structured as a powerful business game, stimulating team cohesion and perfecting teamwork through constant feedback.

2. Bookworx

Team Building Book Work

Creativity and CSR.

Bookworx is a team building activity with a strong impact in an underprivileged environment, bringing lasting benefits to children who do not have access to reading and books to help them and inspire them. Working in teams, each participant is responsible for specific tasks, each having an important role in producing colorful and creative libraries.

3. Crescendo

Team Building Crescendo

Music and elegance.

Crescendo is an activity that offers participants a unique experience. They will learn to play a stringed instrument in a very short time, and in the end… the result is goosebumps.

4. Big Picture

Team Building Big Picture

Colors and energy.

Big Picture is a creative and relaxing activity for your colleagues. Together, they will create a painting composed of several canvases that each of them worked on. Where else do you put it, that the big painting can be put on one of the walls in the office.

5. Think Art

Team Building Think Art

Sculpts and colors.

It is that type of activity that offers the participants art in its purest state. They are challenged to paint a sculpture given some key information.

6. Company got Talent

Team Building Company Got Talent

Talent and Show.

Your colleagues can (re)create the well-known Talent Show through the skills they have – dance, music, magic or comedy, why not?

7. Essence of Excellence

Essence of Excellence Team Building

Perfume and elegance

The activity gives your colleagues the opportunity to create their own perfume. Following a recipe and having a range of essences available.

8. Blockbusters

team building blockbusters

Lights, Camera, Action! The director would say, starting the filming of an original scenario. Your colleagues will be in front of the cameras but also behind them while filming a clip.

So that the day continues in the same style, exciting and creative you can organize an elegant dinner for them. Where motivational speeches or on topics of common interest can take place.

There are a multitude of possibilities to make this day a memorable one. The overall goal is to focus on gender equality and celebrate the progress made by your female colleagues.

Corporate Events – From vision to implementation in 4 steps

20 Feb 2020

When looking for new ways to employee engagement? Professionals in the corporate events industry can offer you a wide range of solutions.

Companies organize events for a variety of reasons: to educate, reward, motivate, celebrate, mark milestones, change management or even encourage collaboration within the organization. From office actions to large-scale events.

I detailed in a previous article what they are all kinds of solutions that you can apply in your business using a corporate event.

The success of moving from an event vision to a flawless implementation lies in the chemistry and communication between the company and the corporate event provider.

Before deciding on an event provider, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

  1.   How many years of experience does the event team have?
  2. What are the areas of expertise?
  3.   What proud team examples can I give you?
  4. What does the agency fee cover?
  5.   What is the dedicated team for your event?

Once you’ve decided which vendor you’ll work with, the steps to go from vision to implementation are as follows:

Step 1 – Sketching the idea

It starts with a face-to-face discussion about the vision and values, the objective of the event and the target audience. During the discussion, enough relevant and specific questions will be asked to have a global perspective on your need.

Is it a recurring event? What did previous editions look like? What was good about them? What didn’t go according to plan? What does “yes” mean? But “not like that”?

Therefore, the supplier also has its own questions to which it seeks answers.

Added to an overview are past experiences, consultant expertise and the latest industry trends.

Step 2 – planning

Event planning happens, most of the time, in the implementation team. From the brainstorming with the creative, implementation and consulting teams, they start creating the first materials, the budget and the event flow.

At this stage we are also talking about moodboards, mock-ups and simulations, presentations of the solutions or of the people involved – MC, hostess, etc.

When planning is done, with customer feedback implemented, it’s on to the next step.

Step 3 – implementation

Implementation actually starts from the first meeting in the company and supplier. Moment 0 being the presentation of the first ideas, sometimes general, and getting feedback on them.

After all the aspects of the event are agreed, the whole thread is taken and broken into tasks and key people – DTP team, suppliers, communication team, logistics, technical equipment and more and more.

An event flow is also created that includes the entire setup period and the day of the event and everything that can be done to eliminate as much of the unknown as possible.

Pasul 4 – feedback

At the beginning or end of the event, at the debriefing session or in an email to the project team, feedback comes as a joy especially if there was no trace of disappointment and the experience was delivered beyond expectations.

In conclusion

The vision of an event ends up being implemented as planned, with a dedicated team, flawless communication and adaptation to everything happening in the industry. Fully understanding the need brings much of the success of the events.