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Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014

28 Nov 2014

5. Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014

On November 8, Hope Ball 2014 took place, the National Military Circle was surrounded by a superb atmosphere and “seasoned” with elegance and generosity.

The hosts of the event, Amalia Enache and Cristian Leonte, managed to create the atmosphere suitable for the theme of the event, and this could be seen through the participants of the event who offered the support that Hope & Homes for Children Romania.

Cristian Leonte: “I believe in the power of selfless help and I have all the respect for the work of Hope and Homes for Children Romania. I am honored to be part of the gala that will celebrate wonderful people and their generous projects” (source).

Amalia Enache: “I will have the greatest satisfaction when we will no longer play with fire with the destinies of abandoned children, too many in Romania – one every 6 hours – and the rest of us will not be left behind either facing their fate. Those who come to the gala, those who will bid on the fabulous prizes, are among those who know how to melt any ice with the fire of generosity, the most constructive fire that I know” (source).

5. Elegance and generosity at Hope Ball 2014_2

The sum of 68,000 Euros was collected with the help of the public auction that took place, but also through donations and sponsorships. From objects that belonged to great Romanian athletes or international stars, trips with the national rugby team to the World Cup, a brunch with Nadia Comaneci, a tennis match with Ilie Nastase or 4 seats at the Romania-Ireland football match in the company of Hagi, there are only a few of the lots that could be auctioned at Hope Ball 2014.

Thanks to Hope & Homes for Children Romania enjoyed an excellent evening, with excellent people, an elegant decor and a creative agenda, all for charity.


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