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[Guest Post] Teambuilding: CONVERSION In Action

12 Jan 2016


We ended 2015 with a super team building made together with the people from Conversion.
If we were to describe him briefly, we can say: Energy, Enthusiasm and lots of Goodwill; but below is his detailed description, seen through the eyes of the participants.

“Hey, hey, here we come!

On the seats, be ready… staaaart!

We have only been back from teambuilding for a few days, but every morning at the office we remember something about how it was on the mini trip and look again at the pictures of us in the mountains, around the campfire or around the two harmonized guitars ever since I got on the bus with Mr. Sile, the driver.

We commoners are not very talented in singing, but we plucked up the courage and whispered the lyrics of the songs that Mishu and Eugen sang on the serpentines on the way to the secret place that we are all waiting to reach soon -quick.

Do you know the road that leads from Bucharest to Brașov? The one we all do several times a year without really paying much attention to what we’re walking past? Well, close to the entrance to Brașov, on the right, is a wonderful place that I bet you didn’t know about until now: Tamina, Upper Timișul. When I got there I dropped all my bags and almost ran into the first snow I’ve seen this year. Snowflakes, caroling, a lovely bellows cheese with onions, mulled brandy, mulled wine and four deer closely followed by an imposing stag awaited us at the lodge.

It was three wonderful days with long nights spent on the dance floor and in front of the campfire. All we can tell you is that it is not advisable to get involved with the Conversion team if you are not sufficiently prepared. We know how to aim well, we’re not afraid of a zipline, we know how to do chest takeovers and… most of all… we’re ready to track down any criminal or villain that stands in our way.

Do you need additional clarifications? Give us a record criminal and our noses immediately sniff out potential suspects. Right from the first evening Tibi x 2, the organizers of the trip, gave us work. We formed five teams and dueled our arguments in a game that we all took seriously, only a man’s life was at stake. We had to find the killer in a story with plenty of clues to help us or… confuse us.

We made up at the dance, don’t worry 🙂 The DJ, in a red checkered shirt, made his appearance from time to time: “The schedule is with noooooi?? Programming, pro-gra-mmingggggg”. Let’s see, guess from the video who is the programming team?

A doua zi am dat jos milităria din pod. Doi instructori ne-au arătat o mulțime de arme complicate pe care fanii Count-strike le-au recunoscut din prima și nu-au lăsat să tragem la tintă. Cel mai mare succes a avut o pușcă cu lunetă. Nu ne interesează că trebuie să stăm culcat la pământ (mă rog, zăpadă) ca să putem să tragem cu ea, toți voiam să încercăm. Ne-a cam pierit zâmbetul când a trebuit să dăm ture prin zăpadă și să facem flotări, dar nu voiam să riscăm să-l enervăm pe nenea cu fluier și pistol. Nu a trecut mult și două mașini cu tracțiune pe spate ne-au încarcăt în portbagaj și ne-au dus undeva sus pe munte nu de sfârăia grătarului și fierbea vinul cu scorțișoară.
Apropo… cine a mâncat o frigăruie în plus de pe grătar și a lăsat-o pe noua noastră coleg Maria fără?
Pe lângă domnul Sile, șoferul pe care l-am convins să intre în ora noastră pe ring atunci când ascultam Gică Petrescu (era dimineață, suntem scuzați), trebuie să nu amintim și de mustăciosul simpatic și rotofei care a condus una dintre mașinile de pe. munte și care a făcut pe DJ-ul la focul de tabară mixând melodii de pe vremea lui: Coco Jambo, Macarena, Cine iubește și lasă… Nenea a fost o sursă de-a dreptul inepuizabilă de bancuri. Atât de multe ne-a spus și în atâtea variante încat am început să le încurcam între ele. Poate că am ramas puțin debusolați și pentru că râdea mai tare ca noi, înainte să termine de spus bancurile, iar noi abia prindeam finalul.

Mai sunt doar câteva zile de la următorul teambuilding, dar sigur nu gândim deja la el. Alexandra, ai facut planurile? Suntem nerăbdători! Iar si iar!”

Articolul a fost preluat in totalitate de pe blogul Conversion.
Teambuilding-ul a cuprins urmatoarele activitati din portofoliul nostru:


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Teambuilding: 8 Business Simulations

18 Nov 2015


Teambuilding activities such as business simulations are preferred, primarily due to their complexity. They cover a number of important aspects such as:

  • consolidates cooperation and communication between team members;
  • demonstrates the impact brought by the performance
  • improves problem-solving skills and decision-making effectiveness

Being part of a global teambuilding network, we have access to a wide range of business simulations. Below is a favorite selection in 2015:

[cml_media_alt id='6032']44_TS[/cml_media_alt]
This business game that works on the principles of project management in the form of “earn as much money as possible” tests your negotiation skills and challenges you to complete your own project while also participating in the projects of other colleagues.

[cml_media_alt id='6033']44_CJ[/cml_media_alt]

A business simulation that challenges your team to harmoniously combine marketing and communication. In the process of creating the smoothie, you have to carefully choose the ingredients, the same applies in companies – you need to combine the best people with the most innovative ideas and the most attractive offers for customers.

[cml_media_alt id='6034']44_BAtW[/cml_media_alt]

A delicious business simulation, which captures the essence of the market economy, the trends and the difficulties encountered starting with the supply chain and ending with the final customer.

[cml_media_alt id='6035']44_OotB[/cml_media_alt]

This business game is an ingenious method to generate fresh ideas to combat challenges in the company. Practically, each team has at its disposal certain tools to create analyses, solutions and recommendations for the respective challenges.

[cml_media_alt id='6036']44_RR[/cml_media_alt]

A business exercise that takes you on the waves of a commercial race. Embark your team on an expedition on one of the largest rivers in the world.

[cml_media_alt id='6037']44_TW[/cml_media_alt]

A business simulation at sea… so raise the anchor and all the sails up to the Trade Winds! To be a successful pirate in Trade Winds, you need more than a sword or a sharp tongue! It takes smart negotiations, creative thinking and strategic planning to become the richest crew in the port.

[cml_media_alt id='6038']44_HT[/cml_media_alt]

A strategic and funny game that requires cooperation between team members. They are obliged to think tactically, to be flexible and to manage to adapt their strategy to changing situations.

[cml_media_alt id='6039']44_MtN[/cml_media_alt]

Armed with information gathered throughout the day, the participants must answer a new challenge: “Create the first news page of the day!” A super business simulation in which the teams are trained on the essential sections that need to be filled in to fill the front page and they will take care of all the details necessary for this: from writing the main article, getting the picture for a sensational news, creating an advertisement creative, up to drawing a caricature.

So, business or team? We say… both!

Over 100 teambuilding concepts await you on >>

TB or not TB?

05 Aug 2015

[cml_media_alt id=' 5441']33 TB or not TB (ro)[/cml_media_alt]

Teambuilding activities have the power to inspire your participants to work better as a team to achieve a common goal.

If you haven’t organized a team building for your team this year, this autumn is suitable for this. Besides the fact that it is the last quarter of the year, and the participants will be more motivated to achieve their goals, but also because since the beginning of the year, in your company, a series of moments have happened that may have put the teams to the test .

Below are just some of the reasons why we encourage you to organize a team building for your team:

• Fun – a team building, first of all it brings positive energy and a lot of fun!

• Improves communication – adding to the fun part and the efficiency part in communication, your company can have a complete team building

• A Common Experience – there are studies that show that a common experience lived with friends or colleagues strengthens the relationships between them. It is exactly like when you go to a concert and meet new people, at the end you are no longer strangers, but at least you have a common experience.

• Promotes Interaction – teambuilding activities encourage interaction between people, overcoming the barriers imposed by the position held in the company.

• Change – if there are changes in your company, a team building can create the perfect framework to make the transition to them. Whether we are talking about increasing the team, merging with another company or changing the management team, team building is an excellent method to deal with change brilliantly.

• Celebrate together – maybe your company won an award, has an anniversary or any other occasion that can be celebrated with a unique team building.

So, this fall, freshmen and… happy participants are counted! Where else can this year’s success be celebrated with an exceptional Christmas Party !

9 Techy Team Building Activities

27 Apr 2015

16. 9 Techy Team Building Activities
The key to success is a balance, on one plate is innovation, on the other plate are people. The way they complement each other to provide a perfect balance is amazing. Today, for a constant development of the team, concepts and mindset you need passion. Passion for innovation.

Thus, we propose 9 techy activities that are a must for the entire organization:

1. Push It!
16_1Push It is a Team Building activity that incorporates tests of Trivia old fashioned but intelligent. It covers several areas – general knowledge, sports or tests specific to the organization you are part of in an extremely engaging and interactive activity, perfectly mimicking the famous game shows.

2. Go Team
11. _1
Go Team is a high-tech treasure hunt that transforms any area into an amazing race full of adventure and interaction. Lead the team in an exploration with a unique design, in some of the proposed locations where the participants will discover castles, fortresses, carry out various missions and innovative adventures.

3. Who’s Who
An interactive activity that gathers the participants in a group according to certain criteria, which are projected on a projector to allow them to find common interests and abilities.

4. In the picture
It is said that one of the greatest assets of a company is its people. In the picture is the perfect way to demonstrate how people work together, reminding how important each person in the company is. They will take pictures on a colorful background, and during the conference the pictures are edited and will appear towards the end on the big screens in a crescendo number. Thus, the company logo or a key message during the conference is formed.

5. Making the News
For 2-3 hours, the teams receive the challenge to overcome their limits, to put teamwork into practice, leaving the comfort zone and “landing” in the world of publications. It is a method to reinforce the content of the conference or explore pertinent business issues, which focuses collective creativity on everything relevant to the company, such as change management, the future, reaffirming the company’s values.

6. Screen Text
Screen Text allows participants to explore company issues in a funny context. Each team starts with a DVD player and a short video clip, but the key factor: the original dialogue was removed from the film. The climax consists of the live presentations of the teams, after they have built together the scenario and logical dialogues.

7. Boom Time
Boom time is a unique ice-breaker or energizer for a conference, unifying teams as they create engaging music. Equipped with a Boomwhacker, the participants follow a high-tech visual interface, which guides them in collaboration to generate a special symphony.

8. Sound Crowd
Sound Crowd is a powerful ice-breaker for the conference that trains each individual participant. Imagine the result where everyone interacts and has fun in a unique format, where no verbal communication is necessary – just body language, enthusiasm, solidarity, fun and lots of smiles.

9. A.C.E
Innovation is an essential value for many successful companies, and ACE presents the vehicle that tests the inventiveness of teams. ACE combines elements of Mythbusters, Scrap Heap Challenge and Top Gear to create a truly unique concept: highly customized – a vehicle made from recyclable materials that defies gravity.

Digital team building activities are the most successful when they combine emotion, transform the traditional method, but keep its essence and when they are just a click away from being the most interesting experiences.

Do you want a techy team building for your company? Find out how we can help you –>

10 team building ideas for large groups

17 Mar 2015

11. 10 team building ideas for large groups

Team building activities are a great way to increase efficiency in teams. A team building can start from a childish game to release the groups and can reach more complex activities. In a team building, the participants are encouraged to work smarter to achieve a predetermined goal. Even if one person can bring remarkable results in a project, teamwork and joint efforts decide the success of a project.

Finding the right activity for a large group of participants can be a challenge, but the result alone can leave you speechless. A large group can transmit an unimaginable energy!

Here is a list of 10 team building activities, both indoor and outdoor, which lend themselves to large groups of participants and which result in a large number of people who transmit a contagious energy:

11. _1

1. Go Team
It is a team building activity that takes the classic treasure hunt into a digital dimension. The challenges that the participants have to solve are created to bring forward leadership, communication and the desire for excellence. Learn more about Go Team.

11. _2

2. Big Picture
We know how important it is to take a step back and look at the big picture. How does this sound transpose into a huge painting made of several smaller canvases that convey the image of the company outlined by its vision and values? It will definitely leave you speechless.
Read about how you can have this painting on the walls of the company’s hallways.

11. _3

3. Orchestrated
By far, an emotional musical challenge! Imagine your company learning to play 11 different instruments in two hours and eventually reproducing a part of the “Carmina Burana” collection.
Does your company accept the challenge?

11. _4

4. Mini Olympics
A team building with a series of semi-athletic activities wrapped in the Olympic spirit that can take place both in summer and in winter. One of the most important aspects is the fact that absolutely all participants are involved.
Find out how you can organize your company’s Olympics.

11. _5

5. Creative Juices
A fresh business simulation that harmoniously combines marketing and communication. It is well known that the perfect smoothie is made from mixing the best ingredients, the same thing happens in companies. It is necessary to combine the best people with the most innovative ideas and the most attractive offers for customers.
What smoothie does your company prefer?

11. _6

6. Corporate Body Building
A team building activity that values each participant, making them part of recreating the company’s logo or name.
Find out how you can create an impact moment for your company.

11. _7

7. Chain Reaction
Develop excellent teamwork, project management, creativity and innovation. Chain Reaction challenges all participants to create a chain reaction using recycled materials.
Find out who wins the duel ambition vs. capacity.

11. _8

8. Rat trot
A bigger and better replica of the traditional “Mouse Trap” game challenges participants to achieve a common goal: catching Mickey! How? By creating large constructions that create a chain reaction.
Imagine your team creating an amazing atmosphere in a “toy store”.

11. _9

9. Boom Time
A unique team building activity with a digital twist that can energize a conference and unite a team. Taking part in Boom Time is like playing Guitar Hero only as a greater impact.

11. _10

10. River Runner
A business exercise that takes you on an incredible commercial run. Each team works like a rafting company that sets out on an expedition on one of the biggest rivers in the world.
Get your team on board!

A team building activity can have a very strong impact on the participants, from increasing productivity, creating a connection and removing barriers between participants to energizing and entertaining the teams.

Do you want a personalized team building for your company? Find out how we can help you –>