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Talent Scout


1 – 2 hours


Minimum 12



Ideal for

budget control, customer service, cross-functional cooperation, entrepreneurship, management of change, networking, practical leadership, project planning, team dynamic, team spirit

The objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible by coordinating and participating in a series of team projects. Each participant is given details of a project which requires the creation of the team with the specified skills and talents.

The project is implemented over a set period of time at a given location. After completing the project, participants are rewarded and can get involved in the next available project. Since all participants are both project managers and potential team members, it requires prioritization, negotiation, making personalized proposals and assertiveness to complete projects and earn rewards. In addition to supervising their own projects, participants need to negotiate with other players to help them complete as many projects as possible. This strategy is necessary to maximise profit.


Rewards for completing a project include: money, new skills, upgrades of certain talents and other bonuses. Rewards are only given to the project manager, who is then responsible for distributing them to his or her team members.

Speed of implementation is key, and creating the right mix for a team as quickly as possible by convincing other participants can be the deciding factor in winning the game.


Time waits for no one! In this activity you have to move fast, otherwise don’t even think you might win!

Results: The main benefits of the exercise: learn efficient use of time, taking into account opportunity costs. Participants need to prioritise their objectives and make the most of their skills and talents.

Individual strategies are closely linked to each participant’s brief, but all projects need collaboration between different people to be completed.

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