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Out of the Box


1.5 - 4 hours


Minimum 20



Ideal for

Exploring Excellence, Fun & Motivation, Project planning, Team Dynamics, Uniting Teams

Out of the Box is an ingenious way to generate fresh ideas and get into the innovation concept.

Practicing this activity, teams will explore excellence, they will visualize the future and have their creativity stimulated.

Teams are invited into the conference room and discover that the space is empty, apart from a number of large wooden boxes. Each box folds out into a large display stand and inside they find details on their issue together with supporting material and props. Each team will have to decide and assign a representative that will communicate outload the team’s outcomes in the final presentation.

Each team’s task is to create a display on the stand that addresses the issue and present their analysis, findings and recommendations.

Time is short so they have to use their initiative and be resourceful with the materials in hand. Once completed, each display is brought to life with a live presentation.

After each presentation, participants will share recommendations, comments and knowledge on the subjects presented.

Results: Challenging and with lots of fun, Out of the Box has proved to be incredibly effective at harnessing the thinking power, creativity and knowledge of delegates for a wide range of organizations.

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