Lip-Dub - Universum





2-4 ore


Minimum 20



Ideal for

Creativity, music, leadership, project and time management

What about bringing fun, energy, music, dance and choreography in a teambuilding activity that will contribute to the success of your team?​

What is that song that plays on and on in your head and puts a smile on your face each time you hear it? ​

The moment we hear our loved song we make an instant connection with the song clip, the artist and the moments the songs remembers of. ​

This activity challenges teams to create an amazing video that combines lip synchronization and audio dubbing. ​

All in a fun memorable way that combines practical skills as project management, team management, cross-functionality, leadership with the opportunity to talk about your company vision and values. ​

Imagine the moment your team steps in the dedicated space and they are welcomed with music, props and decoration that immediately projects everybody in a creative mood. ​

Dressed-up as an MTV Show presenter, the event facilitator lunches the challenge : Create the best movie clip for a specific song!​

Split into smaller teams, with specific roles and guidelines according to company objectives, participants have to collaborate from scenario to implementation in order to create an amazing one shot movie. ​

While the entire activity engage participants and brings a lot of laughter, the inspiring final result will stand as a great memory of what the combined powers of a team can do.

Learning Outcomes:

• Fun & Motivation

• Uniting Teams

• Practical Leadership

• Stimulate Creativity

• Cross-Functionality

• Time/Resources Management

• Exploring Values

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