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Calling the Shots


1 - 1.5 hours

number of participants

Minimum 8

type of activity


Ideal for

A light-hearted competition introducing players to the world of wine tasting​!

After an introduction to the world of wine by our trainers, the teams get to sample everything from top-class wines to supermarket specials.​

In addition to tips and hints they learn from their host, each receives a number of reference sheets to guide their decision-making process.​

Blindfolded, the teams are then asked to guess the country of origin, grape variety, vintage and price band of a selection of wines.

Bonus points are awarded for guessing the correct year and price.​

Active participation is further encouraged in a blending round where teams are challenged to concoct their own unique blend from different grape varieties.​

The team’s creative talents are then put to test as they script and present an evocative brand description for their new blend.​

The winning team are celebrated and awarded with prizes as appropriate ​

Learning Outcomes:

Calling the Shots is a rousing, pre-dinner activity, giving delegates a chance to bond as a team amidst a mellow atmosphere and supportive competition;

• Teams learn to work together, solving problems while having fun;

• Effective communication and active listening are essential for success;

• In addition to getting to know their co-workers, players also leave the game knowing more about the world of wine!

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