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Two Tribes


1.5 - 3 hours

no. participants

Minimum 24

type of activity


Ideal for

Sports activities, communication, collaboration, teamwork, strategy, confidence

An alternative Olympiad that provides sport for all. Two tribes is a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world​

The group divides into 2 opposing tribes and numerous sub-teams within each ‘tribe’.​

Team create their own tribal identity.​

Team members adorn each other with colored wristbands, feather headdresses or fearsome face paints to complete their tribal look​.

Dressed to impress, each team then rotates through a circuit of ‘quests’ competing head to head with teams from the opposing tribe.​

Points accumulated by the teams contribute to their tribe’s total score.​

In the closing ceremony teams face off for a Haka showdown.

The ‘tribe’ with the highest points is declared the winner​.

Each of the carefully sequenced sporting challenges in Two Tribes has a cultural reference point allowing the participants to understand the significance of their endeavor.​

Learning Outcomes: ​

​Encourages participation, inclusion and mutual respect.​

​Healthy experience develops team dynamics while having fun! ​

​Strategy is key to success as the rules enable teams to play to their strengths, resting chosen players during some challenges in order to reserve strength for their preferred quests.​

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