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Think Art


2 - 4 hours


Minimum 8


Indoor/ Outdoor

Ideal for

fun & motivating, networking, creativity, team dynamic, team spirit

Think Art familiarizes participants with art in its purest form. It’s an activity that merges the learning process with creativity.
Following an artistic path with few, but enough information to stir the interest, the participants will have to paint a sculpture.

The participants will learn the basics of painting, the techniques of mixing the colors and a wide range of information about the emotions and the feelings which can be produced by colors.

Everyone has to cooperate to create the masterpiece that will respond to their team’s objectives and preferences.

Teams make the finishing touches to their work and get ready to share their product’s story with the other colleagues. This stage of the event can be presented as an Art Gallery Moment.

Results: Think Art is a concept that brings in front teamwork, communication and cooperation between people through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece.

The whole activity is build up in such a way that participants will develop time management skills, improve their team dynamics and stimulate their creativity.

Think Art is also a plus for those who will work on leadership abilities, when it comes to organise the members of their team to do the best job in a limited amount of time.

Last but not least, choose Think Art to enjoy the products after the event, as you get to take them back at the office!

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