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River Runner


2-3 hours


Minimum 20



Ideal for

budget control, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), customer service, exploring excellence, fun & motivating, management of change, applied leadership, team dynamic, team spirit

River Runner mixes the thrills of rafting with the task of running an extreme sports company and creates a thought-provoking, motivational indoor game.

The game is focused on balancing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Each team acts as a rafting company whose task is to organise an expedition down one of the world’s longest and most challenging rivers. Even if participants don’t go into water, they get access to a full-size inflatable boat, paddles, life jackets and all sorts of equipment which is vital for the expedition.

It takes quick and efficient team management to gather vital information, and a flexible approach to take advantage of unexpected events. It also requires additional information that is encountered along the river. Success is achieved by striking a balance between being the first rafting company to cross the river and satisfying demanding customers.

Maintaining a “clean” safety record is just as important as making a profit at the end of the game.

Results: River Runner demonstrates that effective planning and strategy implementation are essential to achieving success. So is energy and teamwork.

The activity offers endless opportunities to recap issues such as problem solving, customer satisfaction, risk management and leadership.

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