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OuickFire Festive


20 minutes-2 hours

no. participants


type of activity


Ideal for

Team spirit, strategy, decision-making, competitiveness and entertainment

In the spirit of the winter holidays, Ouickfire’s festive selection of games intellectually stimulates participants and offers active challenges that encourage spontaneous interaction.

Along with the necessary equipment and a list of instructions provided by Santa, participants must complete the series of games in record time.

Divided into teams, they must manage their resources and talents well to develop effective strategies to help them complete the challenges given by Santa.

In the end, a competitive but supportive atmosphere will settle in along with the Christmas spirit.


The game helps participants gain confidence in their abilities as well as in the collective strength of the team, creating a safe space where they can learn more about themselves and discover new skills, making common connections. Quickfire Festive is a great way to celebrate your successes and congratulate the whole team.

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