Photopoly - Universum





1 - 8 hours

no. participants

Minimum 10

type of activity


Ideal for

Teamwork, strategy, communication, collaboration, photography

Photopoly is a fun, city based challenge, taking teams back to the tactile world of yesteryear with Polariod cameras, pens, notebooks and paper maps!! Like a live version of the famous board game Monopoly, teams head off around city streets past famous buildings. However, unlike the game their quest is not to buy up buildings but to take photographs of them. The photos they take must recreating the extraordinary scenes set out in their instruction booklet. The challenges are varied and creative and are tailored to maximize the location and the surroundings. The challenges in each location will be the same for every team but the manner in which each team interprets the challenge, undertakes and photographs it, will, invariably be unique.

Learning Outcomes
A living version of the world’s most famous board game, Photopoly brings together strategy, creativity and teamwork in a whirlwind tour of your conference city. It guarantees a refreshing, stimulating and fascinating adventure into team dynamics as it injects energy into any conference programme. Planning and strategy are vital in Photopoly. The team that thinks before taking action will be the winning team! Photopoly is a team building experience that can be tailored to any city. The challenges can be shaped around your conference messages to increase reinforcement.

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