Hotshots - Universum





1 - 4 hours

no. participants

Minimum 10

type of activity


Ideal for

Teamwork, leadership, time management, strategy, creativity

In Hotshots teams are sent out into the streets of your chosen city armed with a tablet loaded with the Go Team app to guide them to their first location and challenge. The range of photo challenge ideas are endless from spelling out your company name using only human bodies, persuading members of the public to try a new flavour of ice cream, or giving a street theatre performance in public square. The teams then have to snap photographic evidence to prove they completed the challenge and then head onto the next location. Challenge questions can also be added so that teams have to uncover things about the location.

The teams will have to think on their feet and move like lightning to work through the challenges and get their photographs back to base before the deadline – where the scores are totaled and pictures displayed so that everyone can share in other teams’ adventures.

Learning Outcomes

In this fast-paced photographic treasure hunt, teams dash around a city to take on a series of challenges that test the key business skills of leadership, creativity, strategy, and time management. Above all, teamwork will be essential if they are to achieve their goals and beat the competition.

Hotshots is a fantastic way to explore your conference location. It is a memorable and engaging team building experience great for your next conference or staff day out!

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