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Heroes of Troy


2 - 3 hours


Minimum 12



Ideal for

collaboration, team dynamics, strategic thinking, problem solving, team bonding, energy & focus

Heroes of Troy: Strategic thinking is key to this dynamic and fun team game inspired by Greek mythology. The story of this game begins before the famous Trojan War.
Good communication skills and the involvement of all team members is needed to help the main character Paris and his beloved Helen escape the powerful armies of Agamemnon and Menelaus.
Teams need to create a solid plan, be flexible and adapt their strategy to a variety of situations as they will be in constant change. Heroes of Troy also hones your team’s leadership and project management skills in a fun and engaging game.

Results: Heroes of Troy is a strategic, fun and exciting game that requires cooperation between all team members.

Active teamwork exercises and the element of surprise, as well as decision-making in crisis situations are also key features of Heroes of Troy.

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