Gold Rush - Universum



Gold Rush


2 - 4 hours

no. participants

Minimum 8

type of activity


Ideal for

Teamwork, communication, decision making, ingenuity, challenges

A strategic and feverish rush in an intense search to discover gold!​

​Mirroring the challenges and rewards of real business, teams work to accumulate wealth and ultimately win the game.​

​Teams must collaborate and multi-task on 8 different levels to have a chance to go for gold.​

​Teams must retrieve a secret code and swap it for cash at the Claims Administrator (CA) following a certain procedure. Here, planning and execution are vital.​

Along the way teams can earn extra rewards by completing various tasks.​

Press releases given every 30 minutes give teams who respond quickly the opportunity to increase their wealth.​

All participants are on level playing field creating a compelling cross functional and top-to-bottom whole activity.​

Learning Outcomes:​

​Project Management​

Negotiation Skills​

Managing Change​

Decision Making​

Communication Skills​

Fun & Motivation

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