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Global Innovation Game


2 - 3 hours


Minimum 20



Ideal for

cross-functional cooperation, energising a conference, entrepreneurship, exploring excellence, fun & motivating, networking, project planning, creativity, team dynamic, team spirit

Teams generate brilliant new ideas, pitch and invest in this fun dragons’ den style game.


In the GIG (Global Innovation Game) participants organize, innovate, validate, pitch and invest, all in a maximum of 2 hours!

The event director explains the objectives of the game. The cards are distributed to each of the team tables. Teams unite and get hands on with the game ice breaker.

By randomly combing their cards each person brainstorms their own ideas for either a Smart Object, Service or Tool. Players swap their cards into multiple positions offering a multitude of potential connections.

This random association matrix stimulates the creative process and throws up some surprisingly ingenious connections.

Results: Global Innovation Game has been developed out of a need to step away from everyday tech devices.

GIG brings it back to basics, gets everyone openly talking, innovating & creating ideas without the aid of search engines, PowerPoints & screens.

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