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ZOOM vs Microsoft Teams vs MyConnector Rooms – which is the best option?

09 Jun 2020

A few months ago, some employees knew about Microsoft Teams and were using it, but not many had heard of Zoom and MyConnector Rooms didn’t even exist. Now almost everyone uses at least one of these 3 if not more such platforms like WebEx, Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, Blue Jeans and the list goes on.

So what’s the best option? The answer of course depends on several important aspects.

First, what does your audience use most? It helps a lot to build on a platform that your potential attendees are already familiar with, which generally leads to a successful start to any session.

Company policy and/or the IT department have something important to say here. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference or organizational habits and preferences, based on the perceived value of the platform being used.

Second, what are the must-have features for your meeting or event? Do you need a lot of interactivity? Do you need the platform to be as secure as possible? Do you need flexibility?

To give a more concrete example, for an event with the team, for us, what matters are the following aspects:

  • Invitations to be easily sent to participants and to be able to track the status of registrations;
  • The platform must be intuitive for participants;
  • Presenting the brief in a compelling way, using pictures, video or audio;
  • Ability to communicate with the audience and the audience with the moderator to clarify possible questions;
  • Split people into different rooms or groups where they can communicate.

We have to take into account that Zoom is a platform specialized in video conferences, but Microsoft Teams and MyConnector< /a> are more than that. This means that Zoom may be better at certain aspects of a video conference, but the other platforms do more than that. For example, through Microsoft Teams you can organize a digital workflow and through MyConnector an event of any type, online or offline, being a platform that offers solutions complete event management.

Here’s a quick comparison:


So? Which one is best for you? As I mentioned at the beginning, the tool that your audience is most familiar with and that covers all of your functionality needs is the best option.

But finally, if MyConnector is the best option for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.