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Top 5 new online team building concepts

26 Apr 2021

Today we present the top 5 new Virtual Team Building concepts we have recently added to our portfolio, all designed to bring a smile to you and your team.

We know that a happy, united team brings the best results for your company. The British researchers don’t say so, but we know for sure that understanding between team members increases productivity.

And how else can you create strong bonds between your employees than with a memorable Team Buildin! And as the current period is not the friendliest for offline meetings, we propose an online get-together.

1. Swipe Face

Fastand fun, SwipeFace is the perfect tool to kick off virtual gatherings no matter their size. Make the funniestselfieselfies with your colleagues based on uniquethemeschosen by facilitators, youget togetherand the most creativewill win!

2.Go Explore

Explore locations around the world as a team that are currently less accessible for physical visits (the Louvre or even Bran Castle). All this will unfold in an energizing adventure that involves a virtual tour with cryptic and fun challenges. All just a click away.

3.CSI Office Home

If your colleagues include fans of investigative films and series, then CSI Office Home is the right concept for you. Solve the most interesting mysteries with your team and earn the title of the most active detective team online.

4.Escape the Blizzard

While we’re leaving winter behind us for good, this concept invites you and your team to travel in the wild, in the wilderness, on the blizzard! Together you’ll find ways to survive, and the challenges will prepare you for real-life situations and more team synergy!

5.E- choir

Discover the most exciting musical activity you can have with your peers. No, we’re not talking about karaoke, we’re talking about making a group song, guided by professionals (with the help of the God of Editing, of course). Whose voice will you recognise, whatever the song?

Team activities can be really fun and engaging in a digital environment, so let’s explore your colleagues’ needs together and work out your unique story! Which new added concept fits your team?