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Let’s throw back

04 Mar 2021

For about a year now, challenges and changes have been coming at a rapid pace in our work. The transition of events from offline to online has not been easy, but with perseverance we have not left the event concept on stand-by.We have tried to use all existing resources to produce new services related to the new needs of customers arising from the pandemic.

We wanted to make online experiences as engaging as possible for our employees, so that their needs are met even in turbulent times. How did we do it?

The first step was to team test the applications over a period of approximately three months, during which time we went in parallel with open demos to customers. We technically tested platforms already on the market, such as zoom, google meet or webex, but we also developed new software platforms. The online activities for events were also chosen in detail, some adapted from the past, others built from scratch. All this was the result of long online discussions with partners, customers and suppliers who were in agreement with us. Communication has been the guiding principle we’ve been working on during this period, aiming to remain authentic and open, even in the less easy moments we’ve encountered. The close connection with all our clients has made it easier for us to integrate effective solutions according to their needs, in order to deliver complete and useful experiences.

As I said, 2020 was a year of solutions. Thus, the following new stories emerged in the Universum team:

MyConnector is a platform, which helps everyone by transferring the experience of an event from offline to online without the need to be physically present in a location. This is a unique service in Romania, which can hold both internal and large B2B & B2C events.

GOOD-FOOD.ro is a safe and healthy way to order food, based on fresh ingredients and tasty dishes, at a great cost and with free delivery. Most companies have adopted the concept of work from home, with GOOD-FOOD.ro coming as a time-saving solution, delivered in the safest conditions.

Virtualized is the first virtual expo-conference in Romania, composed of a series of online events, based on themes already encountered at Bucharest Tech Week and GoTech World. The events address in real time the challenges faced by business professionals, offering quick and efficient solutions.

Event Park is the first outdoor space for events held in maximum safety. Lagoo Snagov’s more than 6 hectares can host movie nights, outdoor concerts and social events. Thus, we have tried to come up with a safe option to spend time outside the house, respecting all the conditions imposed by the authorities, the concept of work-life balance being very important for personal balance.

Virtual & Hybrid Events 

The world of events has changed 180 degrees, and 2020 has allowed us to rekindle our creativity in virtual and hybrid events. Whether you need a B2B event, B2C, party, conference or activities that can truly reconnect teams, the attendee experience is just as important to us. We’ve designed relevant events with our clients, and 2020 brought us great experiences from the 85 events we’ve delivered.


One year after the activities moved online, we celebrate the unconditional love for events and their integration into our lives in the context of social distancing, as a safety measure for each individual. It has been a year full of new and unique situations that we have overcome through perseverance, patience and solutions, with the needs of our clients at the forefront of our minds.